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Now playing at:

Forthcoming Dates:

05-01-2024: Churchill, Bromley SOLD OUT

05-01-2024: Harlequin, Redhill

19-01-2024: Churchill, Bromley 

02-02-2024: Churchill, Bromley SOLD OUT

03-02-2024: Wyllyotts, Potters Bar SOLD OUT

16-02-2024: Churchill, Bromley SOLD OUT

17-02-2024: Playhouse, Epsom SOLD OUT

01-03-2024: Churchill, Bromley SOLD OUT

15-03-2024: Churchill, Bromley

13-04-2024: Wyllyotts, Potters Bar

19-04-2024: Churchill, Bromley

04-05-2024: Playhouse, Epsom

17-05-2024: Churchill, Bromley

22-06-2024: Wyllyotts, Potters Bar

28-06-2024: Churchill, Bromley

26-07-2024: Churchill, Bromley

30-08-2024: Churchill, Bromley

07-09-2024: Playhouse, Epsom

14-09-2024: Wyllyotts, Potters Bar

05-10-2024: Leatherhead Theatre

25-10-2024: Churchill, Bromley

23-11-2024: Wyllyotts, Potters Bar

25-10-2024: Churchill, Bromley

30-11-2024: Playhouse, Epsom

07-12-2024: Leatherhead Theatre

03-01-2025: Churchill, Bromley

18-01-2025: Leatherhead Theatre

Some of our venues are still coming to life but we will be back in all of them as soon as we can.

The success of  The Close Up Show  means it is playing at a number of venues.


Follow the links for more details about dates, performers, times and pricing for shows near you.


Alternatively you can book a PRIVATE SHOW.

"Absolutely amazing!

Went beyond all my expectations"

Audience Member

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant - it was a wonderful present"

Audience Member

"This show is different from anything else out there... the quality of the performers was first class. I'm definitely coming again!"
Audience Member

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