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Showcasing exceptional talent

A variety of magicians appear in our shows ensuring each show is a unique experience.

​Our success is built on our reputation for quality and only the very best are showcased.



Chris Wood

Your host. relaxed, joyful and charming 


Dominick Zwolinski

Classy, classical and theatrical



An alien with mind bending powers

Thomas Dixon

Delightful, deceptive and charming

John O'Riordan

Gentle magic from a quiet master

Roberto Forzoni 

Absolutely astounding mind reader, 

Richard McDougall

Warm, sincere, high level performance artist

John Lenahan

Master of politely sardonic comedy.

Jack Tighe

Stunning gambling skills of the highest level.

Danny Grew

Young, chaotic and adorable!

Lewis Starnes

Fast, skilful and contemporary.

Robert Pound

Slick, professional and  amazing.

Terry Herbert

Great comedy, great magic.

Paul Regan

Quick-witted mischief and mayhem

James Fortune

Bucket loads of jolly good fun!

Michael Vincent

Graceful, immaculate, world class.

Andy Reay

Comical and charismatic, a true showman. 

James Pritchard

Sharp, stylish sleight of hand with an easy manner.

Liam Ball

The gentleman magician

Kevin Bird

Cheeky, cheerful and always entertaining. 

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